Country Cat Sanctuary

Unadoptable Cats Needing Sponsorship

Over the years, Country Cat Sanctuary has become home for many of the rescued cats and kittens. Most of the cats on this page will never be adopted into a new family or home.

Some have experienced the trauma of surviving in the wild after being abandoned and left to starve. Some have gotten out on their own and gone wandering, only to become confused and lost. Many were born feral in the wild. Some have been sadly abused. These are the Country Cat Sanctuary home cats, being cared for by our organization on a permanent basis. If you, your business, or your company would like to help out by donating to the care of one of these cats on a sponsorship basis, please contact us.

 He was a street cat which was fed by a good samaritan and when she noticed he was badly injured the attempts were made to get him in. Meanwhile his injuries are healed and he has been neutered and health checked. Now he loves being pampered and petted.


Mr. Max

May 1, 2016

Please sponsor me!



She is a long haired tortie and is getting a little more excepting of people



February 9, 2015


May 8th, 2016

Regan is being sponsored for one year by Donna in honor of her Mother as a Mother's Day present.



He is with us for a long time and seems to be getting along with the feline residents. Probably feels comfortable in his environment and will be living with us till the end of his natural life.



January 17, 2012


Please sponsor me!



Born June, 2012. Although he is getting somewhat more approachable hs is till quite feral.



March 4, 2015




June 15, 2016

Sponsored for one year by:

Zombie Walk for Hunger, Almonte, ON. 




Suzie is a female cat who is quiet and has lovely expressive eyes. 







Please sponsor me!
She is another gorgeous tortishell. She loves to play, likes a lot of attention and enjoys the company of other cats.







July 7, 2017

Heidi is being sponsored for six months by Janet Adamson.
A young male that is only 8 months in May 2017



Please sponsor me!
He is a male, flame point siamese.



Please sponsor me!
She is a gorgeous green eyed lady who has long black and white fur.




July 1, 2017

Jill has been sponsored for 6 months by Maria Lucia Raffinatore in memory of her passed kitties.




Please sponsor me!
He was rescued from a bridge and has been with us ever since. Due to his shyness he is a permanent resident at the sanctuary.



July 4, 2014

She is not comfortable with humans due to her one eye but gets along cats.




January 30th, 2017

This cat has been sponsored for six months by Janet Adamson

She has light fur and loves to play together with other cats.



January 11, 2011


Please sponsor me!
He lived in a garage for 2 years before we got him.



June 3, 2010


Please sponsor me!
Was born in April of 2007



June 28, 2009


Please sponsor me!
She was rescued by a group of workers from Nitro Microsystems in Ottawa



June 28, 2009


January 30th, 2017


This cat has been sponsored for six months by Janet Adamson
She is a very nervous cat and was born in May 2007



June 28, 2009


March 24, 2017


Loretta has been sponsored for 6 months by Dale Larocque in honour of Bijou
She is a gray and white small cat. She is nervous but very sweet and hides when she knows there is strangers coming




Please sponsor me!
She hides all the time and is a small black and white cat




Please sponsor me!
He shys away from humans and prefers his feline friends more




January 30th, 2017


This cat has been sponsored for six months by Janet Adamson